What does legacy mean?

During the years, I have published more and more Web stuff, mostly related to my work as a lecturer in several universities. I keep this stuff here for the case somebody cares.

Legacy stuff


PLENUM is an award-winning learning research project I have developed over the years at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. The goal of the project is to improve the motivation of ready-to-go students (in the latest year of their degree), by organizing the subject (Natural Language Processing) as a conference, with an schedule to research, prepare a paper, peer-review, and presentations.

The conference has had several editions, and some of the papers have been later presented at real research conferences. The Universidad Europea de Madrid awarded this project with an Academic Innovation Award in 2005.

The information about the project is all in Spanish.

Lexical Databases for Automated Text Categorization

The general topic of my Ph.D. Thesis is the utilization of Lexical Databases like WordNet for improving the representation of text documents in order to learn more accurate Automated Text Categorization systems.

Here you can find more information, links and papers about the topic.