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I have been a lecturer and researcher at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Europea de Madrid, for 16 years, and R&D Director at the multinational security company Optenet. I am currently Analytics Manager at the Big Data company Pragsis Technologies, where I lead and perform Big Data BI consultancy for companies in finance, tourism, manufacturing, media, etc.

My main research interests include Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Text and Data Mining and Information Retrieval, with applications to Information Access in newspapers and biomedicine, and Adversarial Information Retrieval with applications to spam filtering and Web filtering, and children protection in the Web.

I have (co-) authored a number of research papers in the previous topics, and I have been Program Committee for e.g. CNCCS-SAONS 2011, SEPLN 2011, CERI 2010, CEAS 2006, etc. I have been Guest Editor for the International Journal of Electronic Commerce Special Issue on Mining Social Media, for the Novática Special Issue on The Future of Web Search, and reviewed papers for JASIST, ECIR, ACM TKDD, etc. I am editor at the Information Access section of the Novática journal.

I have reviewed research project proposals for the European Commission, the Canada Science Foundation, the Israel Science Foundation, and the Argentina Government.

I have also been the Chairman of the content filtering standardization committee CEN/PC 365. I am member of the SEPLN, the ACM and the ATI.