virtual cloud carer
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C/ Tajo, s/n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón


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Main objective
The main goal of Project VIRTUAL CLOUD CARER is to develop a highly personalized service platform to each of the actors involved: dependents, family and primary care professionals, hospitals and social services on the one hand allowing the sensing and remote monitoring of the dependent and its environment, both at home and externally, and on the other allowing integration Digital Society those with their physical capabilities extensively depleted, adapting and systems around them and not the other.

Technological Objectives and Functional

Provide a platform and remote telemonitoring at home and abroad for dependents that is intuitive to the same regardless of the underlying technology on which it is based.

Socioeconomic objectives

Increased ratio dependent / spending and especially for the Grade 1 and 2, which will optimize the media so that the high-dependency (grade 3) make use of other systems SAAD (Centers Day / Night Home Care Physical , …) much more expensive.

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