Technology Transfer

Develop a significant research component application oriented development of new innovative solutions and services in coordination with companies active in R & D. Set forth below summarizes results obtained in collaboration with our partners.

Answare Tech Integrating personalized medical care by improving access to information for seniors
Encore Personalized healthcare systems with virtual reality rehabilitation
ISOCO Semantic-based Interoperability for Electronic Health
Hospital de Fuenlabrada Tools integrated access to patient records (with elements currently distributed in the various formats hetereogéneos hospitals) and related scientific information (medical journals and general information).
Vodafone Spain Prospective analysis of spam filtering technologies based SMS content.
Bitext Intelligent System for Integrated Access to Information Patient History and Related Medical Documentation
 Agencia EFE Marketing System of Digital Objects (pictures) on the internet.
ABC Content Provider Development and customer oriented Intelligent Search Customization final.Servicios Intelligent Integration News by Autmático Analysis Techniques Textual Content and User Modeling with Billingües capabilities.
Telefónica Public Opensource Environment for a Safer Internet Access.
Grupo Gesfor Automatic Recommendation of new publications. Marketing System of Digital Objects (pictures) in Internet