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Naviga is a pan-european project supported by the Eurostars Eurekas’s initiative, devoted to keep impaired and elderly people active and tuned with today’s society.

Why Naviga?

Our society model is permanently evolving: the digital era, the information society, the knowledge society… Ignoring these changes implies to get out of the way. It is difficult for anyone to keep the pace of this evolution but there are some social groups with special vulnerabilities that make them the perfect victims of progress. Elderly and impaired people belong to such category and the risk is getting excluded from the current ways of being involved and active in social relationships.

The Naviga Project aims at reducing that risk, by putting at the reach of these groups the instruments to stay active both in mind exercise and social life.


The Naviga Project will achieve its objetive by providing integrated and practical tools and services to the target groups. These tools and services are explained in another section but basically embrace these areas:

  • A common framework for the development and deployment of services
  • A hardware device specially adapted to ease communications and handling of devices
  • A social network service
  • A mind training service
  • An adapted navigator
  • A healthcare service, related to treatment management

The services provided are a practical implementation of the Naviga capacities but the purpose of the framework is to give the Consortium the resources to rapidly build and deploy new ones thereby coping with present and future demands.

Who are Naviga?

Behind Naviga there is a group of highly motivated Hi-Tech organizations, willing to bring to the forgotten ones of the knowledge era the chance to not only get involved but to enjoy the benefits of the new developments in the ICT area. The companies integrating the Naviga Consortium contribute with a high level of expertise in the different areas envisaged by the project:

However, to be capable of developing fantastic tools and services could make no sense if these developments didn’t have a rigurous and deep reasoning based on the expertise that the day-to-day contact with impaired and elderly people brings to the two prestigious health organizations that work together with the Consortium:


Eurostars Programme (Eureka) / Centro Para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) Subprograma de Apoyo a la Participación de Empresas en Programas Internacionales de I+D (Interempresas Internacional)