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The health system represents one of the cornerstones of modern society. For decades it has invested much time and effort to improve and adapt to the various developments that occurred in the field of medicine. With the advent of new technologies, the integration of these in the health field has revolutionized production levels have allowed medicine move forward faster and more organized. Modern society is making strides in what is a volume of information is concerned. There are increasing data processing and storage, and it is becoming necessary to do so in a quick and efficient way. This situation causes is necessary to define standards to convey that information in a uniform manner regardless of the technology used.
This is where the GSI Conducts research and development by creating a new system of information processing and language, all this is included in the ISSE.

Project Objectives

In addition to the research function and study, the project has the considerable choices ISSE those mentioned below.
Development tools and interoperability semantic terminology:

  • Development of terminology tools
  • Development tools archetypes
  • Connectors semantic
  • Generating compositions

Semantic Interoperability for continuity of care:

  • Definition of clinical information models using archetypes: General data Primary Care Patient
  • Definition of clinical information models using archetypes: pregnancy and newborn
  • Medical history from health problems and continue assistance
  • System helps decision making for the implementation of clinical guidelines
  • Nursing care related adverse events urological cancer clinical guidelines
  • Alerts ontology based prescribing and drug allergies
  • Semantic interoperability between electronic medical records of the patient and the Cancer Registry
  • Implementation of the data model standards: Cardiology Audit and
  • Registration Data Standards (CARDS) by archetypes

Moreover ontological goals are:

  • Adaptation of Spain Castilian SNOMED CT.
  • Incorporate a group affiliated with the Spanish as SNOMED International Committee in preparation for a possible government incorporation Spain.
  • Castilian translation of GALEN ontology.
  • Castilian translation of ontology FMA Foundational Model of Anatomy.
  • Creating subsets of SNOMED for list of problems and diagnoses.
  • Validation of mappings with OMS classifications (CIE 9,CIE10 y CIAP2)
  • Creating subsets of SNOMED for procedures and services.
  • Validation procedures GALEN subset.
  • SNOMED subsetting allergy, regarding substances.
  • Creating subsets of SNOMED for Oncology. Validation of mappings with OMS classifications (CIE O).
  • Creating subsets of SNOMED for pathology.
  • Implementing these subsets in the existing information systems of a group of hospitals and primary care medical record. Experienca will be performed in selected health centers in the province and health services participating in the consortium.
  • Defining ontology of drugs based on European standards, with SNOMED CT and correspondence and extensions to existing classifications and catalogs today and interactions knowledge bases and other security features.

Entities members

The ISSE project is composed by a number of companies and organizations that are actively involved collaborators technological development project: iSOCO (Intelligent Software Components SA), Hospital de Fuenlabrada, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III

GSI members involved in the project ISSE

Below is the list of researchers who are involved in the project ISSE.

Functional Description

The ISSE aim to create a technology platform where where you can automate and standardize healthcare processes Spanish, in regard to the integration of language technology. This will allow Spain to integrate global development in other groups that share the terminology of language processing.
Within the project aims to create subsets priority to those areas that directly affect patient safety: drug prescription, diagnostics, etc.. ISSE maintained at all times the application of European standards for electronic medical record information representation, hence one of the priority functional objectives is to develop tools that are based on European standards of semantic integration.

Technical Description

The ISSE is raised so that the language is Castilian.
The technologies used are based on international standards that have two priorities:

  • The efficiency, speed and ease of use.
  • The accessibility that enable people with disabilities.

Furthermore, and due to the sensitivity of the information to be managed, the project dedicated efforts that organize and transmit information reliably, guaranteeing the integrity of the information.