Principal Investigator:
Joaquín Pérez y Mohammed Lemrini


C/ Tajo, s/n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón

19/04/12 – 19/04/13


The overall project goal is to create SERUTIM a technological solution whose main purpose is to alert the user to a minor and smart mobile phone user or tablets of the risks inherent in the use of these media for information exchange. Also, in order to establish parental control to help prevent behaviors that violate individual rights or negative impact on the social environment. This has been proposed targets that include legal knowledge to know the limits on violations of children’s rights, data protection and communication of reports to parents that development in this regard must be considered. This point is of particular interest because the information generated by users is personal and is subject to the protection of communications, collaboration with institutions involved in child protection.This topic is especially for these institutions should establish what actions need to be connected or not to the parents and guardians of children and the creation of the necessary documentation for the risks. This technological solution on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets both) would be the ultimate goal and key project.