Intelligent Systems Research Group

The Research Group in Intelligent Systems (GSI) of the Universidad Europea , focuses his research at present especially in Intelligent Systems Information Access, in which elements are integrated textual content analysis (such as retrieval operations, categorization, summarization) with use of ontologies and specific elements of mobile devices (eg access context). It has a current focus and significant experience in the use and evaluation of this research and technologies in health settings.

The group has participated in recent years in several funded research projects related to these topics, sometimes participating in university consortia, Software development companies as Gesfor , Bitext , Answare Tech and ISOCO , and customers or end users as the Agencia Efe , the Diario ABC and the Hospital de Fuenlabrada , and other institutions in Europe and the Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale (Pisa, Italy), University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom) and Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (Spain)

In the financing of these projects have involved different agencies such as the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry, the Community of Madrid and the European Commission, through various R & D programs

GSI Research Lines

  • Systems analysis of natural language automatic summarization, automatic document categorization, disambiguation of terms
  • Systems based on information retrieval, multilingual, automatic response systems questions, information portals, specialized search engines, user modeling, human-computer interaction, advanced design of user interfaces, ambient intelligence systems and ambient assisted living
  • Services, applications and use cases: e-health, biomedical information systems, security, internet access, systems of education, news services